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After the TCPEIA PRESSCONFERENCE, a new competition appeared, the TCPEIA SPORTS, wherein TCC students use their God given talents by the means of sports. This competition is one of the biggest competition here in Tarlac wherein students in different private school compete and whoever attains victory will compete in City Meet 2013.  This competition has two parts: Pre-TCPEIA and Proper TCPEIA.

Pre-TCPEIA started last Sept. 19-21, 2013 and the categories for the first week of the competiton were: Table Tennis, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, and Chess. On the other hand, Proper TCPEIA started last Sept. 25-27, 2013. The categories on the first day of the Proper TCPEIA are Track and Field elimination, throwing events, jumping events, Volleyball elimination, Sepak takraw elimination, Basketball elimination, and Softball; while the second day is the final round in each category; and lastly, Swimming and Awarding Ceremony on the third day.

TCC gathered one of their best students to stand for their Alma Mater. The school is trying their best to build new models every year not just to win a certain competition, but also to burst out the talents of their students. Our player believed on what Michael Jordan said, “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” The players admitted that they enjoyed the competition so much while at the same time they compete. It’s like they’re exploring while having fun.The players are very happy and especially TCC is very happy in being part of this year’s TCPEIA SPORT COMPETITION.

Our school proudly congratulates the winners of this competition who proudly represents Tarlac Christian College. These are the winners in this year’s competition:



photography by Colline Gonzales- Audi Formantes-Timothy Espinili-Caleb Galvo-Mikey Balcon

Basketball- Another way where TCC students can experience their talents when it becomes to sports. On the third week of July 201, TCC started finding students who has the ability to play basketball and after a week of training, the coach chooses thirteen of them.

Now, TCC's basketball team is now preparing for any event or game they will encounter sooner or later. Chosen players are trained every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4:15 P.M. by coach Tony Delacerna. And their top goal? Is to be the champion of this year's TCPEIA.

The players said, "Humbleness leads us to victory." Mostly players forgot to be humble in every game, but in TCC they maintain the humbleness in their heart by the guidance of the teachers and especially their coach.

The players project for this year is to collect jerseys in order to look decent and to prepare for every game like The ACE CUP and TCPEIA. As they trained hard, they also learned that they play not just to win, but also to express their love in the game and also to proudly represent Tarlac Christian College. They gather plenty of techniques for game but there's one technique that will never change- their FAITH.

The following names are varsity players of 2013-2014:

Maverick Lagman-Captain Ball

Abi Figueroa-Power Forward

Lester Mamucod and Ivan Bonifacio-Center

Tyrone Delos Reyes-Shooting Guard

Small Forward:

Janver Castro

Joren Tamina

Point Guard:

Mark Sese

Igiyob Parungao

Russel Espinosa


Jayky Dombriguez

Robin Depano

Paulo Usman


Chess- A mind sport where TCC students can practice more about their decission making. Tcc now practice students to know more about the board game chess and to help students expand their knowledge on sports. TCC had chosen some of the students to be part of the school's chess club. Pastors in TCC forced in in order to train students. They help students think of new tactics (a term for technique) to defeat their opponent. Pators not just train them like others but they train with enjoyment, excitement and God's guidance. Encouraging and advicing them are their major techniques int training us students.

TCC's is still doing their best for their students to be globally competative, that is why they open events that would bring out child's talent.

After the sportsfest, they found new players who will join the TCPEIA and these are: Amethyst Delos Santos and Jamila Kabir fo Board 1 Rohan Mamorno and Jess Victor Cawili for Board 2.

Tcc's still searching for new players that will represent Tarlac Christian College.



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