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MANILA OCEAN PARK is dedicated to educate and spread awareness on the conservation and preservation of Philippine marine life. Lush tropical paradise is found in the Oceanarium,  home to 10,000  marine life species indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Its 25 meter long, 220° curved walkway tunnel provides a

stunning underwater view of these amazing sea creatures. Manila Ocean Park is also home to some of the world's most exciting shows like the Day Fountain Show and the spectacular Musical Fountain Show.

Botong Francisco: A Nation Imagined is a rare gathering of over 40 works, including large-scale paintings, by Botong from several public and private collections. Several studies and sketches included in the display were never seen in public before. A short film by acclaimed director Peque Gallaga was produced specifically to complement the exhibition to be shown exclusively at Ayala Museum during the exhibition period. The film features public murals on display in several government, education, and corporate institutions to provide a cinematic experience of Botong’s work. The exhibition is part of the Images of Nation program series that features the work of Filipino artists who were named National Artists in the Visual Arts to show the extraordinary vision and formal excellence embodied in this important national award.

STAR CITY is one of the most popular amusement and holiday theme parks in Metro Manila. It has been acknowledged as a pioneer for introducing a hybrid

business of retail and amusement.

It boasts an array of indoor and

outdoor attractions, from roller

coaster rides to bumper cars,

from horror houses to snow

world, for Filipino families and


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