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On the 9th day of September 2013, opportunity knocks in the life of the TCC's SSCC Officers from the Elementary, High School, and College Deparment which is to go and visit the Congress. Everyone seems to be so aflame since not everybody can undergo through this tour. Before going straight to the Congress, we had a bus stop first at the mall named "Ever Gotesco" so that everyone could take lunch first. After that, the bus went on the way and finally went to Congress on the House of the Representatives which consists of 289 members coming from the different parts of the Philippines.


One representative from their staffs became our tour guide. At that time, everyone was filled with excitement. The first one that has been seen was the plenary hall wherein the sessions take place. Amazement was felt by everyone including teachers since it was the first time of everyone to experience being there and it was just a once in a lifetime opportunity. There, the representative lectured us and afterwards, asked everyone to give questions. The questions asked were of course all about how Congress works. It took an hour before the discussions ended. In order to revive the energy of everyone, Congresswoman Susan Yap, the very reason why officers and other teachers had the chance to go there, prepared a conference room for everyone. Foods were provided by the staffs. And also, pictures were taken everywhere. Then after a while, everyone needed to go back at the plenary hall already for the session was about to start. While walking, Congresswoman Susan Yap was accidentally seen, then again, took pictures. And finally, the session started and everyone watched and listened carefully. Everyone was warmly welcomed, recognized, mentioned by the speaker, and felt flattered. Different artists were also seen namely Alfred Vargas, Lucy Torres, Sol Aragones, Lito Atienza, Manny Pacquiao, etc.. We've witnessed how they speak and how the session goes on. We've also known that it takes an overnight time and even 36 hours before the session ends. After an hour, administrators decided to went on since everyone already had enough scenes and informations. But before continue leaving the House of Representatives, everyone proceeded where souvenirs are being bought. Dinner took place at Mang Inasal, before going home so that everyone wouldn't feel hunger. While on the way home, mixed emotions were felt by everyone: sadness, happiness, joyfulness. And this experience can also be called as an achievement. It was really a once in a lifetime opportunity that everyone had.


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