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On the 9th day of September 2013, opportunity knocks in the life of the TCC's SSCC Officers from the Elementary, High School, and College Deparment which is to go and visit the Congress. Everyone seems to be so aflame since not everybody can undergo through this tour. Before going straight to the Congress, we had a bus stop first at the mall named "Ever Gotesco" so that everyone could take lunch first. After that, the bus went on the way and finally went to Congress on the House of the Representatives which consists of 289 members coming from the different parts of the Philippines.

One representative from their staffs became our tour guide. At that time, everyone was filled with excitement. The first one that has been seen was the plenary hall wherein the sessions take place. Amazement was felt by everyone including teachers since it was the first time of everyone to experience being there and it was just a once in a lifetime opportunity. There, the representative lectured us and afterwards, asked everyone to give questions. The questions asked were of course all about how Congress works. It took an hour before the discussions ended. In order to revive the energy of everyone, Congresswoman Susan Yap, the very reason why officers and other teachers had the chance to go there, prepared a conference room for everyone. Foods were provided by the staffs. And also, pictures were taken everywhere. Then after a while, everyone needed to go back at the plenary hall already for the session was about to start. While walking, Congresswoman Susan Yap was accidentally seen, then again, took pictures. And finally, the session started and everyone watched and listened carefully. Everyone was warmly welcomed, recognized, mentioned by the speaker, and felt flattered. Different artists were also seen namely Alfred Vargas, Lucy Torres, Sol Aragones, Lito Atienza, Manny Pacquiao, etc.. We've witnessed how they speak and how the session goes on. We've also known that it takes an overnight time and even 36 hours before the session ends. After an hour, administrators decided to went on since everyone already had enough scenes and informations. But before continue leaving the House of Representatives, everyone proceeded where souvenirs are being bought. Dinner took place at Mang Inasal, before going home so that everyone wouldn't feel hunger. While on the way home, mixed emotions were felt by everyone: sadness, happiness, joyfulness. And this experience can also be called as an achievement. It was really a once in a lifetime opportunity that everyone had.

- Elisha Nicole Lim IV- Jeremiah

I_________(name) having been elected as (position) of Supreme Students Christian council. School Year 2013-2014, do hereby solemnly swear to represent and serve my fellow students and set an example in all aspects of school life. I will adopt an active leadership role within the school and encourage the extension of school spirit and tone. As an officer I will uphold loyalty to the school and its fine traditions and be fully committed to all that Tarlac Christian College stands for and strives to achieve.


I hereby impose upon myself these obligations freely voluntarily, without mental reservation or purpose of evasion. So help me God.

SSCC High School Platforms/ Projects

1. Comfort Room

     - Trashcan

     - Repaint

     - Airfreshner

2. Clinic

3. Clubs

    - Glee Club

    - Sports Club

4. Painting of Gate

5. Painting of Sepak and Volleyball Court

6. Repainting of Basketball Court

7. Sports Equipment

   - Basketball Ball

   - Volleyball Ball

   - Shuttlecock

   - Sepak Ball

   - Basketball Net

   - Sepak Net




8. Providing Free Mineral Waterfor the Athletes

9. Monthly Checking of Classrooms

   - Organize Bulletin Board

   - Cleanest Room

10. Electric Fan

11. Bulletin Board for SSCC Officers

12 Freedom Wall for Highschool




             - Bida TCCians

             - Camping



Noted By:

       Mrs. Lourdes Paginag, SSCC Highschool Adviser

       Mrs. Mary Jane Madriaga, PrincipaL



Approved by:

       Dr. Ruth Q. Tulabot, TCC President


SSCC Newly Elected Officers' Oath Taking and Victory Party- by Elisha Nicole Lim IV- Jeremiah

As we recall, the result of the voting of SSCC (Supreme Student Christian Council) Officers was officially announced. Last August 2, 2013, 1:30 PM at the auditorium, the formal induction or the oath taking for the chosen students was held and by this time declared as the official SSCC Officers of the Elementary and High School Department. But before that, words of wisdom was first delivered by Pastor Pigar in order to encourage the officers in being a good leader. Then afterwards, oath of leadership has been told by the said officers which was led by Mrs. May Viuya and stated not just by mouth but especially by heart. This statement was concluded by this--"I hereby impose upon myself these obligations freely and voluntarily, without mental reservation or purpose of evasion. So help me God." A while later, the declared SSCC Officers together with the other teachers and staffs went on to Culipat for the celebration or the victory party. Everyone surely had fun especially because they enjoyed the swimming pool and also the tasty dishes that they brought. Being an officer is not just about being popular and having the position, it is about having this heart of being a good leader as well as being a good follower.












Election in High School

           by Jel Ann Mae Liwanag IV- Jeremiah

     There were three distinct parties in the secondary level, namely: Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) Party, Willing to Serve and Lead You (WISELY) Party, and Make A Difference (MAD) Party. These parties together with its candidates had been given a chance to make impressions and to present platforms in the auditorium where the Meeting De Avance was held. On Thursday afternoon of July 18, 2013, the Election of Supreme Student Christian Council (SSCC) officers was held. At that very moment, the real competition begun. The intensity of nervousness of each candidate of different parties was felt by the students. Thirty-six candidates of various positions struggle for only twelve available slots in the council. The next day after the election as the Foundation Day and Nutrition Month Celebration was ongoing they've announced the winners in the council and they are the following; President, Jinci Clyde Benitez; Vice-President, Jennica Joy Quizon; Secretary, Elisha Nicole Lim; Treasurer, Jastine Kabigting; Auditor, Clarence Beth Dugay; Public Relation Officer (PRO), Katrine Calilung; Business Manager, Andrew Aguja; Sergeant at Arms: Tricia Panlilio and Kaiser Tria; Muse, Erielle Dancel; Escort, Joshua James Quizon; and Sports Coordinator, Patricia Claire Aribe. May they do their jobs and receive praises to motivate themselves and do better everytime.























Election in Elementary

           by Jel Ann Mae Liwanag IV- Jeremiah

     In order to have a peaceful and organized institution, the school gave every student the privilege to vote and to elect the rightful leaders for them to follow. Since Elementary students and High School Students differ in priorities, the election for both levels are separated. For students in Elementary Level, the election was held on 18th of July 2013 at 1:00 P.M. to be exact. Competing parties are the following; Leads Party, Good Leadership brings Good Performance with Good Success (3G) Party, and United Students Leadership For Progress (USLP) Party. It seems like the students had been united to vote almost all the candidates of a certain party. The newly elected leaders of SSCC Elementary Department are as follows; President, Eric Michael Balcon; Vice-President, Rose Anne Guarin; Secretary, Lesly Dianne Chua; Treasurer, Stephanie Gayle Madriaga; Auditor, Jacob Baron; Public Relation Officer (PRO), Sophia Danielle Gomez; Sergeant at Arms: Darren Angeline Bueno and Josiah Joy Viuya; Business Manager, Giezi Ann Chang; Muse, Keziah Mae Tuazon; Escort, Nel Edson Martinez; and Sports Coordinator, Ellen Esmena. Hoping and praying to that this year's SSCC officers may be able to do their jobs well and have a whole year round of peace, orderliness, and unity as they try to make this institution a better one.












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