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It has been a yearly routine of Tarlac Christian College to have a Sports Festival. A time for students to showcase one's skills or talent when it comes to sports and to enjoy a stress-releasing day. This event is not only for high school and college students but also for the highly-active pre-elementary and elementary students. Sports Festival was celebrated for two consecutive days. First day's venue was in the school's gymnasium and second day's venue was in the gymnasium of Patmos. The preparatory students with their best sports outfit showed off. Standing out in the first place were Marolyn and Randall and in the second place were Curtstein and Shamrie. While in grades 1, 2, and 3, Care Joseph Wong won the best sports wear. Since elementary students are hyper, they joined basketball. Grades 6 students won the championship over the grade 5 students. In the table tennis, Singles A-boys's winner is Keith Vergara and his twin brother, Kyle Vergara in Singles B-boys. Rona Gautane is also a winner for Singles A-girls and Rose Anne Guarin for Singles B-girls. On the other hand, Badminton winners are Pamela Catalan for Singles A-girls and Jearick Alog for Singles A-boys. Whereas, Yla Dupilas for girls and Kim Patio for boys are the winners in Singles B. Chess, a popular board game that needs the concentration of the mind is also joined by the elementary pupils. Rose Anne Guarin of grade 6 and Herold Terape of grade 4 won in Board One. Hannah Nagum of grade 6 and JC Cawili of grade 4 won in the Board Two. It is evident in the smile on the faces of each student how they enjoyedand had fun to the Sports Festival though it was very tiring.


-Jel Ann Mae Liwanag- IV- Jeremiah



Sports fest is one of the most exciting activity for all students because it is an activity where in students can open and share their skills and talents and this also a way for students to ameliorate their hidden talents.

Last July 18, 2013, Sportsfest was made possible by Tarlac Christian College held at TCC’s gymnasium and PATMOS. Each of the students involved their selves in activities that sports fest can offer like: Chess, Badminton, Volleyball, and Basketball. Each activity was marked and worth remembered especially Basketball that made the students go wild to cheer for their own bet; and that made the Sportsfest 2013 more fun and excitement.

July 19, 2013, second day of sportsfest made the students nervous and excited for the outcome of the activities. The declared winners are: Amethyst Delos Santos, Jamila Kabir, Rohan Mamorno, and Jesse Victor Cawili for Chess; Psalm Jude Gomez and Jazmine Magtanong for Table Tennis; Elymark Bognot for men A Badminton; August Dela Cruz for men B Badminton; Patricia Aribe for man A Badminton: and Katrine Calilung for woman B Badminton; and Seniors for Volleyball and Badminton.


- Raebellyn Manalang  IV- Jeremiah

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