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Pensacola Christian College visits TCC 2013

"We're delighted to be back here at Tarlac Christian College. We appreciate the vision of Dr. Quizon to see the many many ministries he's been blessed with and we very proud of Dr Ruth Tulabot who is the second president of the college here. She's a graduate of Pensacola Christian College. We're so delighted to see how graduates from our college has influenced the lives of all people all the way in the Philippines. So we're very happy for that. We had a great time here in the Philippines. We appreciate all the works the people here has done for us. To lay the ground works that they can come to be assisting to them. One thing we appreciate is that the public school program they have here. It was very nice to go there and to show my team mates just to see all these little kids coming to them and to show them the gospel of Jesus Christ. We're very excited about that and we hope we can come back again to show the gospel to these little boys and girls. A lot of times, we in America forget the life and the hardships of the Filipinos. So we are all praying to come back to show them our love and hopefuly the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Alex Fulfer

Administrative Aide

Pensacola Christian College







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