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“Kalamadidad Paghandaan Gutom at Malnutrisyon Agapan"

   Nutrition Month Celebration 2014


Nutrition month is celebrated yearly at Tarlac Christian College. This year, Nutrition Month was held last July 21, 2014. The students joined different contests like Essay Writing in English and Filipino, Slogan Writing, Poster Making, Quiz Bee and Cook Fest, wherein these competitions brought excitement and enjoyment not only to the students but also to the parents and to the faculty. This year’s theme for Nutrition Month, “Kalamadidad Paghandaan Gutom at Malnutrisyon Agapan”, emphasized the importance of a healthy body during calamities.

The winner for the slogan writing contest quoted “A healthy body, always ready for Calamities”. After the contests and the activities, Dr. Ruth Q. Tulabot awarded the winners on each category. For the Essay Writing in English, Jonas Abalos, a fourth-year Jeremiah student, won the first place. While on Essay Writing Filipino, August Dela Cruz of Fourth-year Jeremiah, got the honor. In the Slogan Writing, a student from Grade 8 Proverbs, Gracelle Salazar, won the first place. Lastly, Fourth-year Jeremiah won the First place for the Cook Fest! The event ended peacefully with a smile plastered on everyone’s face and all of the students, parents and faculty are looking forward for the next year’s celebration.






-Rhaven Anne Canlas


Dream, Faith and Hard Work

A tribute to Pastor Emmanuel Quizon’s Birthday


          Pastor Emmanuel T. Quizon, a humble and sage person, a father of three and a father to all celebrated his 67th birthday last July 21, Monday, along with the school’s Foundation Day and Nutrition Month.

It was a festive and joyous day for everyone. As he stepped into the stage, the Choristers began to sing his favorite song “No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus”, a song which tells us about how Jesus loves us unconditionally and He will always be there for us. While the Choristers were singing, they gave “Doc” and his wife lovely red roses. After that, he looked upon the young audiences and began to preach. He talked about his childhood of how they were contented of what they had and how he dreamed. He dreamt so high like they were touching the clouds, “libre lang mangarap kaya taasan nyo pa!”. As a young boy, he dreamt and dreamt and used those dreams to be his goals in life. Don’t just give your dreams limitations, live it up and make it your plan. Make it real and not just your “Little Daydreams”, work hard for it and pray for it and God will give it to you. Those dreams could change the world, never be afraid of dreaming.

He also thanked God of what he has given him. Because of God, his dreams became true and he is contented of what he is now.

After he finished preaching, the teachers brought in the cake and everybody sang a birthday song. You could see his joy covering up the age on his face. And of course, he thanked the Lord for giving him another year and to everyone who inserted effort on his day. He was just once a boy who dreamt of the world and now he is an inspiration to the world.






 -Mhelrose Ramos




High School Department

Nutrition Month ( High School department)“Gutom at malnutrisyon, sama-sama nating wakasan! ---- This year’s Nutrtion Month. Theme aims to raise awareness in exadicating extreme poverty and hunger. Tarlac Christian College held its annual celebration of Nutrition Month last July 18, 2013, Friday. In order to be united with this year’s theme, faculties and staffs had varieties of activities that were given to the students for the purpose of exercising one’s ability as well From the word itself, “nutrition” one should also know what are these foods that are healthy and helpful in our body. To start with, the first two events are held in the patmos. So, the first activity or competition that was held is the cooking fest. Each year level has 4 representatives including 2 parents and students. Grade 8 students won above the Grade 7 students while the Grade 10 students also won above the Grade 9 students. Next is what we call Quiz Bee, which is open for all the students who are interested to join. But of course, only one will be able to have the victory and it was gotten by Arnold Varron, a student from Grade 7- Samuel. Next in line are the Essay Writing, Poster Making, and Slogan which are held in our TCC Campus the next day. Essay Writing is divided into two which are the English and Filipino category. The winners of English Category are as follows: 1st Placer- August Dela Cruz, 2nd Placer- Zarah Guevarra, and 3rd Placer- Angelica Villanueva. On the Filipino category, with their pennames, the winners are the following 1st Placer- Pagingpaging 123, 2nd Placer- Purple Blossom 18, and 3rd Placer- SWORD 22. Talent of the students when it comes to art, were also shown through Poster Making, and there are the declared winners. 1st Placer- Tyrone Delos Reyes, 2nd Placer- Joyce Amorin, and 3rd Placer- Jamil Bognot. Lastly for the Slogan making contest, the students namely; Gemima Villafana, August Dela Cruz, and Gracious De Guzman, Through these some activities, one can help through their various opinions regarding the theme for this month and at the same time being able to enhance individual skills.


by Elisha Nicole Lim   IV- Jeremiah

Elementary Department

Celebrating Nutrition Month is almost a tradition among the Filipinos every year. The purpose of this celebration is to encourage everyone especially, the children to eat nutritious food such as fruits and vegetables.

Last July 18, 2013, Tarlac Christian College celebrated Nutrition Month with the theme “Gutom at Malnutrisyon, Sama-sama nating wakasan” which was held in the TCC compound. The event officially started with a prayer which was led by Pastor Kevin Bagain and then followed by the lighting of torch led by Igiyob Parunago to indicate the official opening of the Sports Fest and at the same time, the Nutrition Month 2013. Afterwards, Mrs. May Martinez, master of the ceremony, announces that the competitions like slogan and poster making are open for those who want to join.

And on the second day, July 19, 2013, the competition still continued. The first contest for that day was the quiz bee and the declared winners are Mia Tuazon, Janelle Ann Santiago and Edselle Ponce. As the competition goes on, the elementary parents started to prepare and cook their various menus for that day. Everybody was very excited to taste the food but unfortunately, only the judges can taste the delicious food. And as the judges deliberated the food, they declared that the winners are the following, for Pre-Elementary, #3; for grades 1-3, #4; and for grades 4-6, #4.

On the other hand, the winners for the others category were announced last July 22, 2013 at the auditorium and these are the following: for poster making, Kristen Valencia (1st place), Lance Villanueva (2ND place) and Charles David (3RD place); for slogan making, Stepanie Madriaga (1st place), Annie Sabado (2nd place) and Arlyn Varron (3rd place)


by Gem Villafana    IV- Jeremiah

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