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In the year 1976, Dr. Emmanuel T. Quizon, together with his wife, Rosalina Quizon, and three kids Rosalie, John, and Ruth, decided to move here at Tarlac to start a ministry.

It was truly a humble beginning for they had no properties at all to establish the church they have been praying for; yet God has seen the heart of Dr. Quizon for the ministry.
In the year 1983, they rented a place which is at present known as the Tarlac Fashion Academy. At that time, they have conducted services during midweek and Sundays.

It was then when Tarlac Christian School was born. Their youngest offspring, Ruth, was even a part of its pre-school department. Several years after, God granted Dr. Quizon’s prayer for the church and the school to have its own property. The church, together with the school moved to 5085 Buno, Matatalaib. As a president, Dr. Quizon never ceased to pray and work really hard to minister through Tarlac Christian College. Together with his wife, Dr. Rosalina Quizon, and children Rev. Elmer Balcon and Ma’am Rosalie Balcon;

Rev. John Quizon and Ma’am Joy Quizon, and Rev. Arvin Tulabot and Dr. Ruth Tulabot, they have worked hard enough to make Tarlac Christian College made known in the city. His leadership as a family man, head of the church, and president of the school, his service is indeed promising.
From its humble beginning, Tarlac Christian College has become a landmark in Tarlac City. In 2005, Tarlac Christian School has become Tarlac Christian College.
This year, Dr. Emmanuel T. Quizon will pass his leadership to the equally rightful person to take his position.
Other than being one of the foundations and pillars of the school, she also worked similarly like her father. Dr. Ruth Q. Tulabot finished her Bachelor’s degree at Marietta Bible College at Ohio, USA; and another major at Pensacola Christian College in Florida. It is in the same college where she also finished her doctoral degree. With the support of her husband Rev. Arvin Tulabot, and her kids David, Brian, Chelsea, and Chloe, Dr. Ruth Q. Tulabot finished her studies with flying colors.
From being the principal to administrator and to vice-president, Dr. Ruth made sure that Tarlac Christian College levels up in academic and other curricular aspects. The progress and enhancement in the learning process that the school offers are the fruit of her long time study and experiment as a student and as a leader.
With the two on the school’s highest positions, surely, Tarlac Christian College will be one of the city’s top schools of all time.

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