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             oday marks the end of our journey and hardships. But as they say an ending is                    also a new beginning. Today we’ll reap what we have sown, what we nurture, and              what we nourish few years ago.

Back 4 years ago when I transferred here at TCC, my life was at its full destruction; I am very rude that time. Knowing that this is a Christian school, I’ve expected much that I will be changed by this institution. Every teacher here teaches the word of God. They tell the life of Jesus Christ which is very much inspiring. I really thought that this institution would change me, but I thought it wrong; it was Christ who did.

If I would promote this school, I wouldn’t say that TCC has a great learning field, but rather I would say that this institution is a great field where your child can learn and could also change by knowing God.

Ecclesiastes 12:1 states that while we are young, graduating students, we should remember God. Supporting verses are James 4:14 “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow……” You don’t know what your future is but God does. So while you still have time, I advise you to seek God first. (Matthew 6:33). And if you did this, I’m sure that you will not fail, but rather will see success. And I’m sure that you will not regret.

To end this, I just want to thank all of the people that have been part of my life that had been change here at TCC. First of all the teachers who had been teaching the life of Christ, then the students who are always there when I have a problem, our discipler who had teach us how to share the gospel, my parents who had many sacrifices just to make me finish high school, this institution who had made me more closer to God, and last but not the least I would like to thank Him for always being good to me. As the song says “God’s been good”. 


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                    This afternoon marks the end of our first step in achieving our goals. After                    all the days of seems to be endless recitation, assignments, and projects,                    nights of reviewing, here we are reaping the fruits of our hard work. This is                    the beginning of the next chapter of our lives, and let us welcome this                            event with praise and thanksgiving to the ONE whom we owe it all, the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Let us not also forget to recognize that this is also a time for thanking those who have helped us reach this milestone in our academic career, and on your behalf I am pleased to be able to thank publicly our friends, teachers and our own dear parents for their love and support and all those who contributed to making this graduation program the success that it is. In a very real sense, our success is also their success. Personally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to my family, who are always there to support me in every endeavour I make. To my mom, whom I admire for being courageous enough in facing the trials that came our way, I just want to say now I understand your situation and for that I love you more. To my dad, who is not with us, I dedicate this night to you, and thank you for believing in me. Mom and dad I know how proud you are this night, my success is really your success This afternoon is really an afternoon of success, for after all the hardships and labour, we are here, marching on with victory. But, I believe, that the greatest success, is not having all this awards, or accomplishments, but true success is to be able know that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only Saviour! So, let us embark to our new and exciting adventure with our Saviour."


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