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Update 12.18



The following productions are now permitted to shoot and edit their films:









Productions who have not taken the first workshop will be scheduled on January, 2018 in which you will only be allowed to shoot your film after the workshop. Productions who shoot their film without proper workshop and instruction will be subject to elimination. For those who have attended today's workshop, submission of shooting schedules will be on December 18. (TCC Website Film Fest Page)

The unspeakable gift is an indescribable present which cannot be expressed by words. It is given to us for free having a very sentimental value. It could be the person of your mother, father, a teacher or a long lost friend. It could be a token or a priceless thing, skills and talent. It could be peace or freedom, love, care and even life given to you by way of sacrifice or death.

This theme may not be limited to a specific genre since we encourage every writer to be creative and imaginative producing a twist masterpiece of inspiring, humorous, moving and heartwarming story that leads into a significant lesson of gratitude.

Here are some examples of short films and commercials that will give you ideas on how to construct your story. Please watch them and continue reading below;

*These short films and commercials didn't reach 10 minutes, some are even 3. But the message is very clear and the combination of clips along with a perfect musical score are arranged in a very compressed yet spontaneous sequence.

I advise the writers not to concentrate in the dialogue alone which sometimes misled to irrelevant sequences. The writers should first  give their careful planning to the creative construction of the story. Some of these stories are mostly consist of narrations with just few active dialogues.

Our goal for this social media competition is for our audience to love the film with just a quick view of it and would even watch it over and over again.


Update 10.5. Here's the list of Production Teams for this year's short film competition. Some unlisted teams may be subject for disqualification issued by the film festival committee. General orientation will be on October 11, Wednesday at 4pm with your producer, writer, director, editors and cinematographer.

Senior High Category:

Prièr Production
Producer: Andrea Marie Royo

Grade 11 HUMSS- Daniel

Kalyteros Production
Producer: Yvaenne Tugade
Grade 11 STEM- Obadiah

Henosis Production
Producer: Hannah Gwyneth Mateo
Grade 11 STEM- Hosea

The Eye Production
Producer: Angelique Atencio
Grade 11- Ezekiel

Steam Production
Producer: Bless Tiamsin
Grade 12 STEM-Titus/Timothy

Akawntansi Production
Producer: Teo Angelo Nool

Junior High Category:

Senex Production
Producer: Eric Michael Balcon
Grade 10 Jeremiah

Aurum Production
Producer: Friya Vida Alonzo
Grade 10 Jeremiah

Dauntless Production
Producer: Angelina Mercado
Grade 10 Isaiah

Titanium Production
Producer: Melissa Grace Balcon
Grade 7 Samuel

Clear Image Production
Producer: Kiya Padagas
Grade 7 Kings/Joshua

Update 9.28.  An orientation will be scheduled right after the online registration of production teams. The theme, concept, duration, genre and content of the film will all be discussed during this meeting. We advise all productions at this point NOT TO START WRITING the screenplay yet. There might be changes regarding the content of the film you are about to make. You will only be permitted to start writing if your production attendance is confirmed during the ORIENTATION. Thank you.


Update 9.22. You can upload your screenplay as soon as your production attendance is confirmed during the orientation. Submission of screenplay is until October only.


Update 9.22. Registration of Production Teams is until September only.


Update 8.31. All Production Teams are required to create their own Facebook Fan Page to help gather more support and audiences. You may be prompted to post your progress and updates in the page you created.



Update 8.30. The College will also be joining this year. They will compete against the Senior High Category


Update 8.29. The 5th TCC Film Festival Campaign: This year's TCCFF short film competition will be divided into 2 categories from Junior High (Grades 7-10) and Senior High (Grades 11-12). The Junior High category will be competing by section. Productions created from the same section are also encouraged. The Senior High category on the other hand will be competing by strand, which means, you can join members of different section but only within your strand. The long campaign will start as early as September. Within this Month, we will be accepting Production Teams for registration. Build up your own team with a producer, director, writer, editors and cinematographer. The film will only consist of a 10min duration, no more, no less.

1st Elimination: Registration and Orientations

2nd Elimination: Screenplay submission

3rd Elimination: Raw files submission

4th Elimination: Final Cut submission

*4 Productions will be taken as finalists for the last line up for the showing of the films.

Production Team Registration
Production Team Registration
How do you support our country's War on Drugs as young believers in Christ? Let your voices be heard as we help spread drug awareness in a Christian perspective through short film productions. Register your Production Team's Name, Producer, Writer, Director, Editors and Cinematographer.
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